Recruitment Process



  1. Enquiry from the client – Any informal or formal enquiry is to be placed from the client to us. Following information are essential during enquiry: 
    1. Required No. of candidates
    2. Job Description
    3. Basic Qualification & Experience
    4. Salary
    5. Duty hours
    6. Over time
    7. Food Allowances
    8. Accommodation
    9. Contract Period
    10. Other terms and conditions (if any) 
  2. Candidate search – On the basis of the information provided by the client, our team immediately responds you if there are any similar candidates in our database of job seekers. Our nation-wide agents are also informed regarding the requirements placed. During this period of time, the client has to provide us with original set of documents which include: 
    1. Demand Letter
    2. Power of Attorney
    3. Employment Contract
    4. Inter Party Agreement
    5. Guarantee Letter
  3. Arrival of Formal Documents from the clients: Client has to send us the documents mentioned above.
  4. Pre-approval from the Government: The original set of documents is needed to get the pre-approval of the demand placed by the client. The approval is made by the Department of Labour, Government of Nepal.
  5. Publicity in the newspaper: After the pre-approval, the demand is published in the National Daily newspaper of Nepal.
  6. Selection process: This process itself comprises of various steps. We focus on this step very much for our aim is to exceed our client’s expectation, as we believe in performance. 
  7. Forwarding the documents of the selected candidates: All the necessary documents of the selected candidates are forwarded to the client as per their specification.
  8. VISA process: On the basis of those documents, VISA process is initiated by the client. During this process, the information is well communicated between the client and the candidate via us. Finally VISA is to be sent by the client to the selected candidates.
  9. Final Approval: After the VISA arrives, final approval by the Government of Nepal is made by us for all the Visas.
  10. Orientation: The VISA received candidates are finally given final orientation by the Government approved Institution.
  11. Flight Details: Finally the flight schedule of the candidates is provided to the client for necessary arrangement on their end.
  12. Departure: