Recruitment Process

Recruitment procedures
1.     Inquiry from the client 
Any formal or informal inquiry is to be placed from the Employer to us. The following information is essential during the inquiry;
·                     Company name:
·                     Nature of company:
·                     Required categories:
·                     Number of requirements for each category:
·                     Job description for each category:
·                     Monthly basic salary:
·                     Daily basic working hours:
·                     Weekly basic working days:
·                     Overtime:
·                     Food or food allowance:
·                     Accommodation:
·                     Contract period:
·                     Other terms and conditions (If any):
2.     Respond to the inquiry and confirm the requirements 
On the basis of the information provided by the Employer, our team immediately responds to the Employer if there are any similar candidates in our database of job seekers, our nationwide sourcing sub-agents / branches are also informed to source similar candidates as per requirements and accordingly we confirm employers to supply candidates as per their requirements.
Upon confirmation from our side, the Employer has to provide us with a set of formal documents which is mandatorily required for legal procedure.
The documents are as follows;
·                     Demand Letter
·                     Power of Attorney
·                     Employment Contract
·                     Inter-party Agreement
·                     Guarantee Letter
The above 5 documents should get verified by the chamber of commerce and the Embassy of Nepal in the concerned country.
3.     Arrival of formal documents from the client for legal procedure
The employer has to send us the documents mentioned above.  Or after verification from the Embassy of Nepal in the concerned country, the embassy will make it available online in the Department of foreign employment (Dofe) system. In this case, the original documents are not necessary to send us.
4.     Pre -Approval from the Department of foreign employment (DOFE)
After completion of document verification from the Embassy of Nepal and after being online in the DOFE system, we need to apply and get pre-approval from DOFE, which means we are legally eligible to supply workers to the Employer.
5.     Publicity in the national daily newspaper
After getting pre-approval from DOFE, we should advertise/publish the requirements in the national daily newspaper.
6.     Selection process 
Pre-screened candidates from our database, sourced by sub-agents / branches, and sourced by publicity are available for the final selection. The final selection can be made by the Employer interview or video interview or it can be made by selecting CV and introduction videos.
7.     Medical test
After the selection of the candidates, they will be sent for medical tests in government-authorized medical centers or hospitals to ensure their fitness.
8.     Employment visa process
For selected and medically fit candidates, employers have to process their employment visas. The visa system varies from country to country. Where the paper visa system is available, the employer has to make a copy or original of the issued visa available to us. Where a visa has to be stamped in passports from the embassy, the employer has to provide us with all necessary documents to assist with visa endorsement from the concerned embassy.
9.     Orientation
All new candidates traveling overseas for employment should have taken orientation classes from government-authorized institutions.  This helps candidates to know more about their responsibility during employment, local law & orders, labour law and immigration policy, environment and traditions, and culture of the employing country.
10.  Final labour approval
Our agencies have to submit all necessary documents (Passport, Visa, Medical report, Orientation certificate, Insurance policy, and other necessary documents) of every individual candidate to the Department of foreign employment (DOFE) for final labour approval. The Department of foreign employment (DOFE) analyzes the documents and provides the final labour approval.
11.  Travel arrangement
After the final labour approval from the Department of foreign employment (DOFE), we consult with employers and candidates for suitable dates to travel, accordingly air tickets should be arranged.
12.  Departure and deployment
Finally, candidates will fly to the employing country as per provided flight schedule. Representatives from the employer will receive the candidate from the airport and arrange the necessities to reach the hostel.